Hydronic Heating

Hydronic Heating utilizes water as the heat transfer medium. Using a boiler, hot water is circulated around the system and can use a number of different type of terminal units (Floor Warming, Radiators, Cast-Iron and Copper-Fin baseboard, Hot-Water Forced Air Coil) It uses small tubes with hot water flowing through (hydronic) embedded in a concrete floor, under a tiled, hardwood, or even carpeted floor. It is the idea solution to areas where space is limited. It consists of runs of tubing looped back and forth under the surface of the floor. As hot water courses through the tubing, heat is released and the entire floor becomes a big, gentle radiator.Comfort is the prime factor. The human body uses the feet and head to dispose of excess heat. Because of this, warming the floor is not only physically pleasing, but the room will feel warmer than it actually is, allowing for lower temperature settings and fuel conservation.