Floor Warming

Floor Warming uses small tubes with hot water flowing through them embedded in a concrete floor, under a tiled, hardwood, or even carpeted floor. It is the idea solution to areas where space is limited. It consists of runs of tubing looped back and forth under the surface of the floor. As hot water courses through the tubing, heat is released and the entire floor becomes a big, gentle radiator.Comfort is the prime factor. The human body uses the feet and head to dispose of excess heat. Because of this, warming the floor is not only physically pleasing, but the room will feel warmer than it actually is, allowing for lower temperature settings and fuel conservation.


A condensing boiler, such as the Lochinvar Knight Series, can achieve an efficiency rating of over 95% AFUE. To add even more efficiency an outdoor reset control is used to monitor the outdoor temperature in order to set the water temperature. This outdoor reset control finds the perfect balance and tries to maintain a heat level that is equal to the heat loss of the building. Think of it as a cruise control for your boiler changing the water temperature based on conditions

Thermal Comfort

Radiant floor warming is the ideal comfort option for heating. It offers a heat curve in the room almost identical to that of what we desire. With radiant heat the air in a room does not stratify and collect in the top of the ceiling. Warm air from the floor and feels much more evenly distributed to where it matters most, near your body.

Size/Air Quality

Radiant floor warming is invisible. It is located in the floor away from view, and takes up practically no space. It is the perfect choice for basements where space is an issue.

With radiant floor warming there is no fan blowing allergens and dust around the house, it naturally radiates from the floor evenly which leads to increased comfort.