Emex Company is a leading provider of heating, cooling and ventilation services in the Chicago area. Emex provides the Chicago area with professional and friendly service, maintenance, installs and repairs. We specialize in installation and repair of forced air, hyrdronic heating (floor warming, radiators), geothermal, and snow melt systems.

We understand your family’s desire for a comfortable living environment. We offer, install and service a wide range of quality products to assure that comfort. While we are experts in traditional home HVAC productslike forced air systems, gas/electric furnaces, central air units, ventilation and humidification systems, we take special pride in offering the newest technology in floor heating system and snow melting system.

Floor Warming

Enjoy the luxury of warm floors.

Radiant floor warming is one of the most efficient and most comfortable ways to heat a home. With the new tax credits towards high efficient boilers now is the time to think about making the switch.

Think of walking barefoot on your warmed hardwood kitchen floor...hydronic radiant heating system works great under hardwood, tile, vinyl or carpentry. Read more.

Snow Melting

Snow and ice melting system is a proven strategy for making outside surfaces dry and safe even in extreme climates. From home sidewalks to large commercial projects, snow melting will help protect family, friends or customers.