Budapest | 2020

Pre Conference Jan 23 | Main Conference Jan 24-25


Call for Presenters Now Open

ELMLE's conferences are hugely successful because of teachers like YOU! Educators have a forum to learn with and from one another and share ideas that work at this conference catering to the unique strengths and needs of students ages 10-14. We have the opportunity to come together with like minded professionals to refocus on what really matters.

We hope you'll join us to share your practice and your passion. Submit your presentation proposal now! Deadline is Oct 1, 2019.

Check out why Budapest was recently named Europe's Best Destination!

What's New at ELMLE in 2020?

ELMLE aims to be one of the most innovative and creative conferences available to middle school educators, and to do this we are going to shake things up this year!

We started planning this year’s conference by wondering about possibilities - both for the conference and for our middle schools. We wondered...How might we reimagine our conference to engage delegates in a 3-day conversation about what MS could be? How might we build a community of learners around a common focus?

We landed on our focus for this year by exploring these possibilities, and the theme of “What if…?” developed. What if... a conference were a place where you could build a lasting network of colleagues, develop and dream together, and hold each other accountable to goals? What if... we designed for the powerful outcomes of our conference instead of leaving them to chance? What if... the learning from our conference could last well beyond the weekend? What if... we involved students in the conversation? What if... we could measure the impact of our learning together?

We’re excited to explore these questions and more with you at #ELMLEBudapest. The Steering Committee is taking a very intentional approach to designing this year’s conference, and we hope you'll be a part of the conversation. Submit your presentation proposal now! Deadline is Oct 1, 2019.

Budapest | 2020

The ELMLE Steering Committee is preparing for an innovative conference in Budapest in 2020. It will be our third conference in the Pearl of the Danube. Plan to join us January 23-25, 2020!

We're designing an updated conference for you. Check out what you can expect:

  • Inspiration is important to drive initial action as quickly as possible. So we need to help every speaker and participant understand how they can present their ideas to leave everyone with Inspiration + Possibility.
  • Networking is important: being with our tribe, forming a team. We're designing structures for this to make sure everyone is able to participate in this way so that they can continue to inspire our kids.
  • The story of the event itself should be coherent. We're designing for one storyline to bind each and every session so that we're all engaged in the conversation about what middle school could be.
  • The conference provides a time to focus, but in the months around it, ELMLE will use its network and newsletter to share interesting stories of impact from members, speakers, and participants.
  • We want to make sure that some of the biggest ideas emerging around the event continue to be developed, and become 2021’s Big Thing. To do this, we're designing ways for participants to identify and build on those "Big Ideas Worth Sharing" (to steal from TED).
  • Great facilitation provides amazing learning for teachers in itself - it’s more than content. So for every format, we'll make sure we help presenters do their best work, and learn something new for themselves in the process.

Discounts here!

  • Share your practice! By presenting at ELMLE, you will receive a €50 discount on your registration fee. Consider what you might like to share, and look for our Call for Presenters this spring.
  • You can receive a discount on your ELMLE registration by writing an article and having it released in one of our publications! Earn a €50 credit for an article in ELMLE's ELMLE News or a €100 credit for a more extensive article in Bridge in the Middle. Contact our Communications Manager, Michelle Mugatha for more information.


  • Pre-Conference - 150 EUR (members), 200 EUR (non-members)
  • Conference - 385 EUR (members), 510 (non-members)

General schedule overview

  • Thursday, January 23 - 9:00-16:00 - Pre Conference Sessions at AIS Budapest
  • Friday, January 24 - 9:00-16:00 - Main Conference at AIS Budapest
  • Saturday, January 25 - 9:00-16:00 - Main Conference at AIS Budapest
  • Saturday, January 25 - 19:00-22:00 - Closing Gala on the Európa Cruise Ship

All Pre Conference and Main Conference days include lunch.