Client Services

Trauma Recovery Therapy®

In a world where struggles have become weekly, daily, and hourly, one endeavors to understand the what’s, why’s, and how’s. We offer a trauma-informed approach with a systemic and relational foundation to answer these questions. As a result of our dedication and the hard work of our clients, family systems were able to recover the once-thought impossible dream of forgiveness, happiness, and love. Our private practice offers weekly support for families, couples, and individuals on the Big Island of Hawai'i.

Payment: HMSA, HMSA Quest, AlohaCare, or Out-of-Pocket with Out-of-Network Reimbursements.

Sessions: Weekly / Bi-Weekly, 45-50 minutes

Includes: Relational and Trauma Assessments, Treatment Plan, LMFT guided sessions

Near Divorce Experience (NDE)®

Multi-Couple Psychoeducation Therapy Group

With the focus of providing tender loving support for struggling communities of romance and marriage, we offer a group therapy opportunity to local clients. The beauty in group therapy is a simple natural byproduct of meeting with other couples; your situation is not as unique as you thought. Join other couples in the exploration of important facets and foundations of a powerful and adaptive relationship with your partner. These include sex, finances, conflict resolution styles, personality differences, communication, trauma adaptation, raising children, gender roles, and more. We believe relationships can succeed when couples learn how to optimally learn, practice, and achieve adaptability, cohesion, and communication.

Provided in Hilo, Hawai'i

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Insurance: HMSA, HMSA Quest, AlohaCare, or Out-of-Pocket with Out-of-Network Reimbursements.

Sessions: Each course has four classes.

Course 1: June 17, July 1, July 5, and July 29 Course 2: Aug 12, Aug 19, Sept 23, and Oct 7

Includes: Relational and Individual Assessments, Skills Training, Guided group sessions by two LMFT’s

Near Divorce Experience (NDE)®

Intensive Relationship Retreat

We believe by learning of the nature of an individual, one is better able to co-exist in relationships with others. In a unique retreat opportunity, we provide systemic and relational foundational assessments, skill building, and guided practice to understanding the elements of intra, inter, and socio-cultural existence. This retreat is exclusive to Big Island. Facilitators of this group have personally researched the elements of fire, earth, water, and air to bring you a potent blend of ancient and modern art of relational success.

Provided in Hilo, Hawai'i

Insurance: Out-of-Pocket with Out-of-Network Reimbursements

Includes: Off-Island Assessments, On-Island Experiential Practice and Psychoeducation, Post Retreat Follow-Up Session(s), and Manual for Elemental Success

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