Couple, Family, Individual, & Group Therapy

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Is EGLLC the place and time for you?

We provide therapy services to clients.

Those who have had struggles with intergenerational adversities and trauma, extreme emotions, nutrition, self-care, spirituality, sexuality, body image, death of a loved one, relationship issues, divorce, parenting, family distress, infidelity, substance over-use, career development, etc., have sought therapy services with EGLLC.

We provide training services to licensed and unlicensed providers.

Those who are seeking to complete their internship, National Examination, professional consultation, group practice, etc., have sought training and provider services with EGLLC.

We provide consultation services to agencies and organizations.

Those who are seeking to infuse relational, systemic, and cultural richness into their agencies and organizations have sought consultation services with EGLLC.

We engage in research services for diversity and inclusion, practice-based development, and holistic wellness approaches.

Those who are seeking to benefit for our research or participate in them are welcome to access the published works or express their interest as a participant.