"It's extremely revitalizing to see people (lots of whom are around my age) who care about the same things I do, and, furthermore, who want and are able to push me to become a better person with the way they live their lives." -A youth who attends Veritas

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All are welcome! Join us every Thursday to pray the rosary.


Adoremus Te

Adoremus Te nights involve music, adoration and confession! This is definetly a youth favorite!

Thank you!

A big thank you to all who the youth and adults who volunteered for our welcome back retreat! We are truly blessed!

Thank you to all the youth who gave up their Sunday to grow in their faith!

Thank you to all our OLPH YOUTH question panel. Thank you Father Mario!

Thank you to Ash who provided lovely music during reconciliation and Adoration.

Thank you to our OLPH YOUTH actors!