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Preventing Bias-Based Bullying

YDO is proud to partner with Welcoming Schools to offer more sections of Preventing Bias-Based Bullying. The workshop is open to elementary staff. Register in PL Essentials.

Flyer for staff professional development workshop: Preventing Bias-Based Bullying

Student Resources

Students' Rights

Below you can find links to resources related to students' rights and other information regarding LGBTQ+ Support.

Photo: image from CANVA website; cartoon people in black and white with rainbow colored  flags and a sign saying "love is love" in rainbow color.

Interested in LGBTQ+ support services or resources? Fill out the form below and a YDO team member will reach out to you!

Services and resources:

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GSA & Rainbow Clubs

What are they and why are they important?

Gay Straight Alliance or Genders and Sexualities Alliance (GSA) Clubs provide a supportive space for all LGBTQ+ students and allies. Many students join to find community or use it as a safe space to be their true selves without judgment. Not all clubs are the same: some use the space to hang out with friends, while others use it to learn new topics, lessons, and address issues the LGBTQ+ community at their schools may be facing. 

A Rainbow Club is an elementary school version of a GSA Club. It is a safe space for students, but also a place to learn about identity, diversity, inclusion and allyship. 

These spaces are important for our students because they provide visibility to our LGBTQ+ youth and offer accessibility to resources they may not feel safe to get somewhere else.

YDO Contact: Larrah Feliciano, Program Specialist

Photo: image from CANVA website; five children riding a rainbow slide with glitter and arms raised, smiling.

LGBTQ+ Youth Summit

What is the Youth Summit?

LGBTQ+ Youth Summit is a celebration for EGUSD’s Genders and Sexualities Alliance clubs (GSA) and LGBTQ+ student members and allies from all middle school and high schools. We use this space and time to uplift LGBTQ+ student voices and bring awareness to community resources and organizations supporting LGBTQ+ folks, mental health, bullying prevention and drug prevention. 

YDO brought back the LGBTQ+ Youth Summit event after being on hiatus due to COVID-19 this past April 2023. With the theme "Let's Grow," our team focused on empowering and uplifting EGUSD students with activities and resources focused on wellness, trauma- informed healing, and queer joy. By giving visibility and support to our LGBTQ+ youth and their allies, we can move towards removing stigma and creating safe learning environments for them to thrive!

SAC: EGUSD's first-ever LGBTQ+ Student Advisory Council

EGUSD’s first-ever LGBTQ+ Student Advisory Council launched to provide an opportunity for middle school and high school students representing the LGBTQ+ community to work in partnership with their school and the district’s Youth Development Office to advocate and focus on inclusive health initiatives in the district. With representatives at most of the secondary sites, they advise on issues they are experiencing, give input to other students on how they are addressing inequities, and build community with each other. 

Additional Resources

Did you know there are many gender-diverse cultures around the world who accept and celebrate the expansiveness of gender identity? 

To learn more, check out this cool map from PBS!

Also, check out our books page to see a list of books relating to LGBTQ+ and gender inclusivity!

Photo: image from CANVA: green smiling cute frog holding a  rainbow heart.

Why LGBTQ+ Safe Spaces Are Needed

The importance of having a Rainbow or GSA Club in our schools:

Children can articulate their gender identity as early as 2-years-old. Not all students identify as a boy or girl; there are nonbinary students and transgender students. Making sure that all students feel safe and seen at school is important and these safe space clubs help ensure visibility and connect students with supportive peers and adults.

Gender is a spectrum - resources to learn more and where to begin:

LGBTQ+ is an umbrella term for many identities and don’t all represent sexual orientations. A visual model to use is the Genderbread person or the Gender Unicorn.

Photo: image from CANVA website; Child and guardian speaking with each other. Child's message bubble depicts LGBTQ+ PRIDE flag. Guardian is smiling , supportive, and understanding of what child has to say.

Family, Community & Outside Resources

Photo: image from CANVA website; two parents and child sitting on the couch, one of the parents is holding a baby. child and parents are in conversation and smiling at each other.

Tips for Talking With Your Kids

Community Resources

Photo: image from CANVA website; parent and three kids smiling with arms raised, playing together with a confetti popper
Photo: image from CANVA website; two parents and two young children sitting on a couch together, one of the parents is reading a book to the children while they all smile back and listen

Additional Resources

Check out our books page to see a list of books relating to LGBTQ+ and gender inclusivity!

Staff Resources

Below is a list of YDO's upcoming professional development workshops for EGUSD staff. You may register for them in PL Essentials.

Embracing All Families PD Flyer.pdf

November 1 and 2, 2023:  Embracing All Families

In partnership with Human Rights Campaign Foundation, Welcoming Schools Program

We have two sessions offered at Zehnder Ranch Elementary School, and both are from 4 - 6 PM in the MP Room!

Safe Space & Affirmation Signs

Displaying explicit support of LGBTQ+ students can help de-stigmatize various gender and sexual identities and signals to all students that this is a safe space to learn. To the right is a downloadable safe space sign you can display in your classroom, work station, or office.