Monterey Trail High School  

Counseling Department

Student Services Building

Hours: M-F: 7:45 am - 4:00 pm, unless otherwise posted

Phone Number: (916) 688-0055

The MISSION of the MTHS Counseling Department is to promote students’ lifelong learning 

and successful transition from high school to post-secondary opportunities. 

School counselors lead with love by creating a welcoming learning environment 

that embraces students’ diverse identities and unique needs. Through positive relationships 

and in partnership with our community, school counselors champion ways to build up  

and bridge resources to support students on their chosen path. 


MTHS invites you to participate in our Summer Enrichment Program. We will be offering non-credit academic and non-academic courses from June 10th - July 5th from 1-2:30pm. All MTHS students are welcome. Check out the course offerings here.

School Counselor Request Form closed Wednesday, May 22nd, 2024 for the school year.

Students are advised to see Counselors before school or after school during Final Exam days.

Mrs. Hanh Tran


School Counselor

Mrs. Hien Chan

Au-Fam & ABSS

Co-Lead School Counselor

Mr. Bai Zhen


School Counselor

Mrs. Simon-Carlson

Lay -Mun

School Counselor

& Advocacy Program Coordinator

dr. deisy padilla

Muo-N & AVID

School Counselor

Mrs. Jennifer Cooper

O-Son & DHOH

School Counselor

Mrs. Elizabeth Ng


Co-Lead School Counselor

Mrs. Perla Gaines

College & Career Counselor

Mrs. marissa jones

College & Career Technician

Mrs. carol matthews

College & Career Technician

Ms. rose rubalcaba 

(not yet pictured)

School Office Assistant II 

Student Services Team Members


School Psychologist


(not yet pictured)

School Social Worker 

Mrs. Margaret HOUSTON

Speech Language Pathologist

EGUSD shall not discriminate against any pupil based on actual or perceived ancestry, color, disability, gender, gender identity,  gender expression, immigration status, national origin, race or ethnicity, religion, sex, or sexual orientation in the counseling or guidance of pupils.

Click here for our EGUSD Non-discrimination clause translated into different languages.