Raptor Writers

All credit for our first JRMS Digital Literacy magazine goes to the Write On Club members listed below. They are an amazing, creative, supportive, dedicated group of young people who truly represent our 3R's.

What are we about?

Welcome to James Rutter's first ever online literary magazine. This is created by students for students. It showcases the wide literary and artistic talents of our students ranging in form, audience, purpose, and genre. Enjoy!

Wise Words from the Creators

  • Club Founder Amaris Fernandez - Writing is a way to portray your emotions onto a blank document and shows how you express yourself without physically saying them.

  • Jasmine Reyes - I personally like writing because it helps show my creativity. I mostly like writing scary or suspense stories.

  • Liyannah AKA Shark Attack - A writer, a creator, a collaborator (whose talents extend through a variety of genres)-writing is her in her blood!

  • Natalie Mullins - Writing has really helped me get over things that have happened in the past. Whether it was a letter to a family member who was having hard times or getting over something by writing a story based on my problems. It also made easier to express my feelings on something if I couldn't voice it out loud.