In Elk Grove Unified, we believe in Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies, and Healthy Learning. We are in the process of building out the pages of this family resources website to include activities, community and social emotional learning resources.

The next few weeks are going to be different; they may be challenging, but can also be fun. Some days may be totally unstructured - but other days can have some structure.

Below is example of how you could structure the next three weeks

On Mondays-Fridays when at home, here are some things you can be doing:

Number 1

30-60 minutes of chores (house pick up, laundry, dishes, clean out drawers or something, etc.)

Number 2

60 minutes of talking, reading and singing together.

Number 3

60 minutes focused on anything that interests you. Take time to talk about several topics that are interesting. Pick one and see if you can find out more about it. Share what you find out by drawing a picture, writing about it, or just talking with someone.

Number 4

30-60 minutes of creative activities like puzzles, drawing, painting, baking, etc.

Number 5

60 minutes of activity either inside or outside (walk/run with your dog, shoot hoops, play volleyball, dance around the house, practice yoga, ride bikes or scooters, etc.)

You can design your day to complete something from each category 1-5.

EGUSD Digital Citizenship Website

The EGUSD Digital Citizenship Website includes articles, online guides, parent tips and videos to help navigate social media, online gaming, parental controls, family contracts, and more. We draw from a variety of vetted organizations, such as Common Sense Media, that continually update resources in response to timely issues and concerns.