California Scholarship Federation (CSF)

What is CSF?

California Scholarship Federation, better known as CSF, is a nonprofit organization that serves to recognize and encourage academic achievement and community service. Founded in 1921, the California Scholarship Federation (CSF) is the oldest scholastic, scholarship institution in the state of California. It is nationally recognized by colleges, universities, and scholarship organizations. 

Here at COHS, membership in CSF signifies excellence in academic achievement. We give back to our community by connecting CSF members with their peers around campus for tutoring. 

To learn more about lifetime membership/Sealbearer Status, our tutoring program, etc. please visit the various links below.

What We Do

Sealbearer Status/Lifetime Membership

A Life Member or Sealbearer is a student who has earned at least 4 semesters (8 terms) of membership based on grades earned in 10th through 12th grades, with one of the semesters based on senior grades. For more information go to the FAQ section.

Requirements, Dues, Awards

The only requirement for a student to be a CSF member is to earn the grades needed, and submit the application on time. What is needed for the application is the previous semester's grades with no D's or F's, a printed unofficial transcript, and the application form. 

*The CSF application drive for Juniors and Seniors is available during the fall (end of August) and spring (middle of January). 

*Sophomores are only able to apply during the spring application drive in January. 

Dues are MANDATORY and are $1.00. They are payable at the Student Store. Failure to pay dues will result in loss of membership for that semester

Possible awards include stole, chord, and pin. A gold stole is awarded to graduating life (seal-bearer) member who has completed the required hours of peer-tutoring. A gold chords and lamp pin is awarded to a graduating member who has achieved Sealbearer Status. Sealbearers also receive the Federation chapter seal on their diploma, and an indication of Sealbearer status on their permanent academic record (transcript).