Reserved Parking Spots

Reserved Parking spots will be sold Starting the first week of school

Pricing is the same as in previous years.

Seniors may reserve starting on Wednesday, August 5th. Forms with instructions will be available outside of room 206.

Juniors may reserve starting on Friday, August 7th. Forms with instructions will be available outside of room 206.

Sophomores may reserve starting on Tuesday, August 11th. Forms with instructions will be available outside of room 206.

General Information

The initial cost for a reserved spot is $40. Students who choose to renew their spot from the previous year will receive a deduction of $10 on their first renewal, and another $10 deduction on the second renewal. Third renewals will not receive an additional renewal.

Example: Student reserves a spot as a sophomore and pays $40. If the same student renews as a junior, the student will pay $30. If the same student reserves as a senior, the student will pay $20. (A renewal does NOT have to be for the same parking spot.)

Payment is due at the time of the reservation. No forms will be accepted without full payment.

There are a limited number of reserved spots that will sell for $25, but those spots have limits on what can be painted.

Spots will be reserved on a first come, first served basis.

Students must have their payment and the proper forms before you will allowed to reserve your spot.

Forms will be available in the library, the front office, outside of room 206, and on the website.

Parents are welcomed and encouraged to attend the painting day.

Didn't reserve a spot? It's not too late. Registration forms can be found below. Complete the form and bring it and proper payment with you on painting day, and you can still join the fun.

Helpful Tips Learned from Experience

  • Bring a broom to sweep your spot clean.

  • If you have a leaf blower, that works too and can also work to dry your spot if it is damp.

  • Exterior latex paint works best.

  • If you plan to use a solid color base coat on your spot, it will take a gallon of paint.