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All students have the capacity to be capable, curious, and courageous mathematical thinkers. 

There are a plethora of reasons why American schools - including EL Education schools - struggle in mathematics teaching and learning.  

“ …teachers – like all other adults in this country – are graduates of the system we seek to improve.” - Deborah Loewenberg Ball

The gaps have only widened with the Covid 19 pandemic and significantly more so in mathematics than reading. However, the good news is that we can transform math instruction and select math curriculum so that all students have pathways to embrace their math identity.

We know what is not working – teaching math as a set of discrete topics with specific steps to be memorized and repeated, often out of context.

We also know what is working, and how to make sustainable changes so that teachers are equipped to teach, students believe they belong, and all students develop as capable, curious, and courageous mathematical thinkers.

“The EL Education Math Team supported my ability to think flexibly and creatively about systems for math instruction and to lead with purpose. They helped our school develop a strategic plan and school-wide systems that have already transformed our math instruction and mindsets about math for adults AND kids.”

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We support partners to transform what we teach about math and how we teach it, through strategic planning, professional development, coaching, and resources. EL Education guides schools through a process of selecting, using, and adapting high quality math curriculum to achieve equitable and excellent outcomes across the three dimensions of student achievement.