A Kreative Koalas Project by 5/6 L


'Bio' means living things and 'diversity' means variety, so 'biodiversity' is the variety of living things in a place.

Biodiversity is important because we need to protect our flora and fauna. One day, scientists might discover that there is a cure for cancer in a plant or an animal, but they won't be able to discover it if it becomes extinct first. So it is important that we act now to protect biodiversity.

Citizen Science

Citizen Science is when normal people like you and me pitch in to help the scientists to do important work. There are lots of us and not as many scientists so it makes their job easier if we help them.

Scientists need lots of information to be able to do their job properly and to make new discoveries. We can help them by finding that information and sharing it. Apps and websites make this lots easier now than it used to be. And it can be fun!

Travelling Stock Reserves

Travelling Stock Reserves, or TSRs, are very important for farmers. They make it easier for farmers to move their cattle from one paddock to another and can be a source of food when there is a drought. TSRs maybe follow old Aboriginal travelling routes.

TSRs are also important for flora and fauna because there are no roads or buildings on TSRs. This means that plants or animals might have survived in a TSR even though they have become extinct in nearby areas because of land clearing and development.

Information from Industry.NSW, picture from Pixabay

Back Creek TSR

We went to Back Creek TSR with Lorraine and Rob of the Office of Environment and Heritage, and Mrs Stephens and Mr Lenon from school.

We explored the TSR and used the school iPads to take pictures of all the flora and fauna we could find.

It was a really windy day, which made it hard to find animals, but there were lots of plants to see. Rob and Lorraine gave us some books to take back to school to help us identify the species we had found.