The Mathematics Department strives to facilitate the development of problem solving skills and enhance students' ability to reason abstractly by providing venues for application of fundamental skills defining a traditional Jr./Sr. high school sequence. Although the curriculum delivered at each grade level has roots in the Common Core Standards, the level of detail and topical emphasis within each course has been designed to meet the needs of our student population through a focus on school defined essential standards.

Math courses, grades 7-12, are offered at three different levels in order to meet the diverse range of student abilities. Student placement within these levels will be evaluated annually. Placement in honors-leveled courses will be determined based on the Honors Placement Criteria.

Students enrolled at EHS are required to earn 3 credits in Mathematics and will take a single Regents exam. In almost all instances, students will take the Algebra I Regents Exam after the completion of their coursework in that field .

At the high school level, electives in computer science and statistics are offered. Detailed descriptions of these electives, as well as the traditional course offerings can be found in the curriculum bulletin found on the school's website under course offerings.