The Bozarth Family History

The Bozarth family started serving the needs of automotive consumers in 1927. Our humble story started when Charles Bozarth purchased a small service station in a Kansas town of 500 people. Years later, Charles son, Ed Bozarth, started his career in 1950 pumping gas, checking oil and washing windshields in the family's service station.

In 1966, Ed Bozarth started selling cars in Topeka, Kansas. After years of dedication to his craft Ed started the first Ed Bozarth dealership in Kansas. Now the Ed Bozarth brand has since grown to encompass five dealership locations in three states.

In our third generation of Bozarth's serving the needs of Automotive consumers, Ed's son, Kent Bozarth, is the President of the brands Denver Metropolitan Area dealerships and the Dealer Principle of the brand's dealership located in Lone Tree, Colorado.


Ed Bozarth Branded Dealerships

As one of the largest exclusive network of General Motors dealerships in the country, The Ed Bozarth brand offers highly focused training for one brand, allowing our team members to become experts in their field. As a result of our innovative training, entrepreneurial management, and performance based compensation we attract, hire and retain inspired team members that excel in customer satisfaction and sales effectiveness.

The Ed Bozarth brand of five dealerships serve more than 100,000 customers per year, and have been awarded some of the most prestigious awards in the automotive and business spheres. After serving the needs of automotive consumers more than 90 years, we’re proud to say that Ed Bozarth is “The Most Trusted Name in Automobiles.”


Get You Where You Need to Go

-Transportation Solutions

-Opportunities to Succeed

-Experiences that Move You


Earned Trust

"Behavior or Achievement that Creates Confidence"

-Act Like an Owner

-Be the Brand

-Do the Right Thing

Transparent Value

"Increasing Usefulness or Importance"

-Easy to Understand

-Honesty without Hesitation

-Connects all affected

Simple & Friction-less Service

Make it Easier and More Pleasing by Being the Brand

-Live the Values


-Be Present

Carefully Curated Selection

Define the Best and Help Others Make Prudent Picks



-Make a Difference

Discerning & Unwavering Quality

"Standard of Excellence Sought by Those with Good Judgment"

-Insist on High Standards

-Keep only people that can live up to this standard

-Place the customer at the center of all we do