ECSD Professional Development Certification Program (PDCP)

A Pathway to Professional Certification

Welcome to the Professional Development Certification Program (PDCP), formerly known as the Alternative Certification Program (ACP) for the Escambia County School District. PDCP is a rigorous program designed to develop quality teachers by offering professional education preparation via face-to-face workshops, online learning, and mentor support to newly hired educators. By choosing this program as a means of alternative certification, you are committing to successfully completing classroom and school-based assignments, devoting a substantial amount of personal and professional time to your program work, and making a long-term investment in your career as an educator.

Program Qualifications:

You must be a full-time, K-12 Classroom Teacher with Escambia County School District.

Your ECSD school must use the Danielson Frameworks for formal teacher evaluations.

You must hold a temporary teaching certificate from the Florida Department of Education.

Professional Educator Competencies (for PEC only)

Professional Development Certification Program (PDCP) Contact Information:

Stephanie Elliott, PDCP District Mentor, TSA

Tina Grady, PDCP District Mentor, TSA

Liz Isphording, PDCP District Mentor, TSA

District Resources: