Whats involved?

All Levels

  • Practice Journey

  • Qualifying Journey

  • Purpose for our Journey

  • Planning and preparation for both journeys

BRONZE - 2 days + 1 night - 6hrs of purposeful effort each day

SILVER - 3 days + 2nights - 7hrs of purposeful effort each day

GOLD - 4 days + 3 nights - 8hrs of purposeful effort each day

Whats expected of you

Be prepared

  • Know how to use a map and compass to take and follow bearings

  • Know how to pitch a tent

  • Know how to use a camping stove

  • Have your route card completed and checked

  • Have appropriate kit as outlined on the kit list

  • Know how to give basic first aid

  • Check the weather forecast and know what conditions to expect

Be self reliant, independent & safe for the entire journey

  • Carry sufficient food and water for the entire journey (water refill stations will only be avialbe at the camp site, you will need to carry a minimum of 3L per person)

  • Carry suitable first aid kit (1 per group)

  • Carry appropriate clothing for the expected conditions