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Our Mission

Security Dads Concept

The “Security Dads” concept began in 1991 at Arlington High School in Indianapolis, Ind. The program started at Glen Oaks High School in October 1993, and, even though the concept has changed, our mission still remain the same.

While the program was a means of bringing more Dads into the life of the school, it also helps to achieve a greater purpose. Our mission is to enrich the quality of life in our community and school through volunteer involvement. All one needs is a genuine concern for youth and a desire to be involved in the community.

The new concept of the Security Dads Program is to serve as Mentors to our male students as well as Security for our young ladies. We developed educational as well as extra-curricular programs for our students, trying to restore a sense of safety and self-value in them. We are dedicated to strengthening individuals, families, and communities through volunteer involvement, while promoting human potential.

As we anticipate the dawn of this new age, Glen Oaks High School, like other schools and communities throughout our nation has concerns about the quality of life that our future generation will inherit. Our schools and communities are plagued by drugs, alcohol abuse, drug trafficking, teen pregnancy, and illiteracy and limited service for our youth. These social problems contribute to high rate of crime and threatens our hope for a better tomorrow.

When young people are given more opportunities to participate meaningfully in important activities at school, they are less likely to engage in drug use and other problem behaviors. We feel the solution to some of our problems can be solved through field trips, workshop, and school sponsored activities.

Because of the strong leadership, and a group of dedicated Dads, we are still a very important part of the school and community after nearly 27 dedicated years.