Glen Oaks Medical Magnet Program

Welcome to Glen Oaks Medical Magnet High School

a tradition of excellence since 1960!

The innovative four-year Medical Program is for students who demonstrate a special interest in the medical and health careers. This comprehensive program has been designed to effectively combine academic skills, theoretical training and practical experience in the medical and healthcare fields. In addition, students are eligible to enroll in Honors, Advanced Placement, and Dual Enrollment courses providing they meet requirements.

In an intensive effort to build capacity and build meaningful community partnerships, we are proud to announce established partnerships with: Baton Rouge Community College, Louisiana State University’s School of Nutrition and School of Human Resources, Louisiana Workforce Commission, Our Lady of the Lake College, Southern University’s Nursing School and Office of Strategic Initiatives. In addition, we are soliciting input from these organizations as advisers for our Glen Oaks Medical Magnet Advisory Board.

A combination of teamwork from the school, an involved group of parents, a proud community and eager students enables the magnet students to be better prepared for career and college readiness. Glen Oaks Medical Magnet Program is your best choice for a quality education.