Frequently Asked Questions

What information will I need to complete the Pre-K Online application?

  • When you apply, you will need the following information:
  1. Your school of preference
  2. Your second and third choice of school
  3. Your child’s name, date of birth, and address
  4. Your name, address, phone number, and email address
  5. Name of siblings 4 years and under in the home
  6. Income verification
  7. Gross income amount, frequency, and selected verification proof (if applicable)

Note: If parent(s) do not submit income verification, they could be charged the maximum amount for tuition.

What is the age my child has to be to enter Pre-K?

  • A child must be 4 years old by September 30th.

Is Pre-K mandatory?

  • Pre-K is not mandatory.

What are my other options if my child does not get in the Pre-K program and how I do select another program?

  • Parents will have the option to re-apply online and select another program of preference which may include: EBR Public Elementary Schools, EBR Dedicated PK/K Centers, City of Baker Schools, NSECD Private Schools, EBR Early Head Start Centers, EBR Head Start Centers and Childcare Centers.

What determines if my child is eligible for Pre-K?

  • Child must be 4 by September 30th.
  • Screening and household income will determine eligibility.

Is transportation provided for EBR Public School Pre-K students?

  • Transportation is provided if the student is in their attendance zone based on your home address.
  • Parents can find which school is in their attendance zone by doing the following:
  1. Select schools
  2. Select attendance zone
  3. Select School and Bus Route Finder
  • Call the Pre-K office at 225.226.7675
    • Call Child Welfare and Attendance 225.239.7869
    • Transportation is provided to students who attend one of the two Pre-K sites: Southdowns or Delmont Dedicated Pre-K.
    • Parents must provide transportation for their child if the student is not in their attendance zone.

How will I be notified if my child is accepted?

  • Parents will be notified by email, if one is provided.
  • If an email address is not provided, parents will receive a letter by mail.

What required documents should I bring to my child’s school once accepted into the program?

  • Child’s Original Birth Certificate
  • Child’s Social Security Card
  • Guardian’s Picture Identification
  • Up-to-Date Shot Records
  • Proof of Residence (2 recent Bills)
    • Parents who do not have proof of residence may provide a notarized statement verifying that they reside at that address.
  • 2 Most Current Payroll Stubs

Can someone other than the legal guardian turn in a child’s required documents to the school of preference?

  • Yes, but the legal guardian must sign Notice of Possible Tuition Form and the Family Eligibility Checklist.

What would parents enter for gross income and frequency if they select SNAP/Food Stamp Verification, Foster Care Placement Agreement, or Homeless Verification?

  • Parents are required to enter gross income and frequency. However, if they select any of the three items above and provide appropriate verification, they are automatically eligible. They may enter any amount and frequency in these fields because it will not affect the determination.

Is the EBR Public School Pre-K Program free?

  • Families not qualifying under federal guidelines for free tuition may pay a maximum of $450 monthly.

Who should I contact regarding more information about the EBR Public Pre-K programs?

  • Parents can contact their local school or the Pre-K office at (225) 226-7675 to obtain more information about the program.

Can I apply for my child to enroll in an East Baton Rouge Parish School System Pre-K site if I live outside of the city of Baton Rouge?

  • No, you may only enroll students in an East Baton Rouge Parish School System Pre-K class if you live in the city of Baton Rouge. You may enroll your students in any childcare center regardless of your address.

How can I get help with child care tuition?

EBRPSS Pre-K Policy Compact

Pre-K Policy Compact