Who We Are and What We Do

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The EBR Early Childhood Department is committed to being available for your questions and concerns. Please see the following updates due to the COVID-19 Virus:

Coordinated Enrollment:

  • You may accept seats electronically through PowerSchool. If you need assistance with accepting a seat electronically, please email Eslewis@ebrschools.org or Kbrooks2@ebrschools.org.

  • The online pre-k application is open and documents may be uploaded online. Please upload the correct documentation so that your processing won't be delayed.

  • For additional pre-k application questions or concerns, please see contact information below:

LA4 & Other EBR Schools Pre-K Program Funding Sources

TOTS: Fingerscan

  • The EBR TOTS Machines at 2550 Bogan Walk is open M-F 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Masks are required. You must bring your letter from your case worker with your TAN and person number.

  • Time and Attendance number and person number is required to do your fingerscan. This number can be found in the right hand corner of your case letter.


    • Due to our move back to Phase II, CLASS Observations are virtual via the Zoom Platform if your site does not have a reliable observer at this time. Please refer to the schedule sent to you from Lgriffin5@ebrschools.org via email on September 11, 2020. OPH and Site Administrator Preparation Guidance was also provided.

    • Third Party resumed as of October 2020 and is now Virtual effective December 2020.


    • Updated GOLD ECE Guidance: Virtual, Hybrid, and Full face to face teachers are expected to document student progress with GOLD. The first 2020-2021 checkpoint is Oct. 31st.

    • Updated GOLD® OSEP Guidance: TS GOLD® OSEP Administrators should follow the same process for completing intended exit assessments for any children that would have been exited as a result of a withdrawal from ECSE services or within six weeks of the child’s 6th birthday. Administrators are encouraged to use any data collected during Winter checkpoint and input into the OSEP license to use as a final rating for this school year. Even if an administrator is exiting the child now, an exit assessment should include the end of the school year date and all ratings should be finalized before completing the exit assessment.

~ Shenoa T. Webb, Early Childhood Executive Director (Swebb6@ebrschools.org or 225-892-2301)


Pre-K Applications (COVID Update)

We are still taking applications! Our early childhood application is completely online and we are continuing to process applications remotely. Please click the link below to apply and upload all documents. Please be sure to upload accurate documents to reduce the need for corrections. The final step for the application process requires students to be screened at the first choice school site. These screenings will be scheduled by 1st choice school directly with parents/guardians.

Please email Eslewis@ebrschools.org or Lgriffin5@ebrschools.org for questions.

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The East Baton Rouge Parish Early Childhood Community Network consists of:

  • 43 East Baton Rouge Parish Public Elementary Schools

  • 2 Dedicated PK/K Centers

  • City of Baker Schools

  • 4 NSECD/Private Schools

  • 4 Charter Schools

  • EBR Early Head Start

  • EBR Head Start

  • YWCA Early Head Start

  • over 80 Childcare Centers

  • 14 Supporting Community Partner Organizations

Since 2014, our network has implemented five key strategies to ensure that more children enter Kindergarten ready to succeed. Those strategies are:

  1. Unifying expectations for high quality teaching and early learning (Birth to Five Standards)

  2. Supporting teachers and providers to reach expectations (Professional Development)

  3. Measuring and recognizing progress (CLASS & GOLD Assessments)

  4. Funding providers that serve children well (Performance Profile Ratings)

  5. Providing clear information and high quality choices to families (Coordinated Information & Enrollment Campaign)

Click the School and Center Finder Link below to see our sites' Performance Profile Ratings!