About Me

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Since the beginning of my career, I’ve focused on channeling my talent and creativity into meaningful and powerful results. I take pride in the work I do.

I have worked in the development of new markets for software and mass consumption companies.

And have managed and trained multinational teams in the creative and information technologies sectors helping go international.

I can work under pressure and am a fast learner . If you’re interested in learning more about me or my work, simply reach out in the links above.

It's my cultural blog. It is a place where I publish my toughs on the entertainment industry.


Favorite Games

  • Half Price 2

  • Civilization Series

  • Planescape Torment

  • The Witcher 3

  • Batman Arkham Trilogy

  • Prey(2017)

  • Thief: the Dark Project

  • God of War(2018)

  • The Last Of Us

  • Portal 2

  • Tetris

  • Fallout: New Vegas

Favorite movies

  • Casablanca

  • Seven

  • Your Name

  • Spirited Away

  • Citizen Kane

  • Star Wars: A New Hope

  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi

  • Godfather Part 1 and 2

  • Hana-Bi by Takeshi Kitano

  • The Dark Knight

  • Unforgiven

  • The Matrix

Favorite Books