3D Art

Electric Guitar (Maya, Renderman)Colombian Carriel(Maya, Substance Painter, xGen, Renderman) Gold Pectoral (Maya, Mudbox and Arnold)Western Themed Artstation Challange(Maya, Mudbox and Substance Painter for texturing and Renderman)Malta Challenge in Artstation(Maya, Substance Painter and Arnold)Used Electric Guitar(Maya, Substance Painter and Renderman)

Tools I use

Maya and Substance Painter are my main tools.

I also have used Mudbox and Houdini on occasion. I am learning procedural art generation in Houdini and Substance Designer, speciafically to facilitate and automate tools in game development.

My favorite rendering engine is Renderman 21 and 22, the quality of results and ease of use I think still have no competition. Although Arnold and Mental Ray are powerful undoubtedly .