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Our mission is for parents, students, staffulty, and partners to work together to ensure that all students become engaged in learning and thereby graduate from high school well-prepared for college or the world of work.

Nuestra misión es que los padres, estudiantes, personal y socios trabajen juntos para garantizar que todos los estudiantes se involucren en el aprendizaje y, por lo tanto, se gradúen de la escuela secundaria bien preparados para la universidad o el mundo laboral.

What is Juneteenth?

June 19th, 1865 was the day when enslaved African Americans in the western most part of the Union (Galveston, Texas) were told of the Emancipation Proclamation.

The Emancipation Proclamation was issued a full two years before every last enslaved American was told of their status. Abraham Lincoln had been assassinated and the 13th Amendment was moving towards ratification by the Senate by the time Union troops liberated all Confederate areas. Because of this, Juneteenth celebrations serve as a reminder that until everyone is free, no one is free.

An Evening in Old Hollywood

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Why EBA Knights Get Vaccinated

Por qué se vacunan los caballeros de EBA

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Please congratulate our 2022 students Jalayah Wigfall, and Alexa Varela-Colmenares for their art and photography having been selected into the Bronx Borough Festival.

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Ms. Vargas and her student volunteers worked together to create personal packs for students.

Each pack is filled with pads, tampons and other personal items to support menstruating students.

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Check out our 6th graders and their character autopsies.

Ms. Demma is the best teacher!!!!

Students adding quotes to their work.

Student adding what his character is thinking about.

Students using clear instructions to guide their work.

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