Where: Google, Sunnyvale, CA, USA

When: September 16-19, 2019

In 2019, we are unifying the Earth Engine User Summit and Earth Outreach’s Geo for Good User Summit for our first ever combined Geo for Good Summit. This Summit will bring together the Earth Engine and Earth Outreach communities to one larger event where scientists, nonprofits and changemakers can learn from each other and potentially collaborate on projects for positive impact for our planet and its inhabitants.


Application Process: To ensure an effective hands-on experience, there will be a limited number of seats. Interested candidates will need to apply to attend the summit, with the competitive application process starting in April 2019.

Cost: Attendance is free. Accepted participants will be responsible for travel and lodging expenses (if necessary).

Who should attend? The Summit is intended for technologists, GIS specialists, remote sensing specialists and others working on projects using Google Earth, Earth Engine and other Geo tools to create new knowledge, raise awareness and enable action.

What is changing now that you are combining the Earth Engine User Summit and Earth Outreach's Geo for Good User Summit? We will be creating more opportunities for the two user communities to learn from each other and potentially collaborate while still offering a diverse program familiar to alumni of previous Summits, including talks, hands-on trainings and 1:1 time with the Google teams who build the technologies.


Read a recap of the 2019 summit here.

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