Art History with Ms. D-->!


Melinda Darrow

Room #283

Note: WEDNESDAYS are our tutorial days during online learning. We will meet for roll check, and then you can choose to work on your own or to stay on Zoom for tutoring.

Class Schedule

  1. AP Art History

  2. AP Art History

  3. AP Art History

  4. AP Art History

  5. Lunch

  6. Art Methods/Ind. Study

  7. Art Methods/Ind. Study

  8. Conference


I am so excited to meet and work with you this year! After I took one course in Art History as a freshman at UT, I ended up majoring in it because it taught me how every field of knowledge CONNECTS. Through Art History, I learned how to think deeply and to write at a scholarly level. I am thrilled to explore the world with you through the greatest art ever created. Whatever college major and career experience you choose to pursue, I promise that studying Art History will help you learn to think and to connect the dots among all the details in any subject area!