Meals @ the Bridge

New venue - St Luke's Hall 210 Dorcas St Sth Melbourne

Meals are served every Saturday from 4.45pm - Everyone is welcome

Meals @ the Bridge Lifeline Inc. is dedicated to serving Australia’s homeless, marginalised and socially disadvantaged persons.

We strongly believe in finding a solution to homelessness and giving people a sense of purpose and value.

Our ultimate aim is to transform individual lives

Aaron Chin is studying journalism @ Monash Uni. He took a real interest in Meals @ the Bridge and what our real story is.

Our new community space is now - Meals @ St Luke's Hall 210 Dorcas St, South Melbourne.

Meals are served every Saturday @ 4.45pm . We are just a 10 min walk or 3 stops on the 96 Tram from our old venue @ Rebecca Walk.

We hope to see all our old friends & of course, any newcomers are welcome.

Saturday: 3-course Meal

Hang out every Saturday from 4pm @ our new venue - St Luke's Hall. We provide drinks, nibbles, clothing, blankets, sleeping bags. Then at 5pm, join our community for a 3-course home-cooked, nutritious meal at our comfortable pop-up cafe. The sharing of food is a metaphor for all that Meals @ the Bridge stands for. Preparing & eating a meal in a community setting brings people together in friendship. It helps to restore in people who are marginalised, not just their health & strength, but also a sense of belonging. It shows each & every person around the table that they are all valued.

Our name comes from the classic song “Bridge Over Troubled Water” which speaks of people who are “down & out and on the street ”. Homelessness is not simply having no place to call home. It is more a lack of connection to family & society in general.

We seek to provide that bridge between the lowest point that a human being can reach & a new life of hope, belonging & purpose. “When friends just can’t be found & darkness comes” we are there to provide a safe place to meet where they find compassion, acceptance & a listening, non-judgmental ear.

Our volunteers are aware of the importance of building self-esteem, dignity & a sense of belonging to replace the rejection, abuse & loneliness that they have experienced.

A caring community has been established around the basic concept of a shared meal. Our inspiration comes from Jesus’ exhortation in Luke to provide a “banquet to the poor, the disadvantaged & the outcast” in a side-walk café setting. We also provide other basic needs such as clothing, blankets & sleeping bags as well as being a place of referral to other agencies which provide medical, & counselling services as well pointing to our longer term residential program – Eagles Corner.

Thank you to our partners:

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