Meals @ the Bridge

is now focusing on our long term residential program –

Eagles Corner

Please contact us if you are seeking a referal.

Meal service @ St Lukes

Due to a reduction in the number of volunteers and an inability to access food, sanitary items and an outside space, our capacity to provide meals and support at this time has been suspended.

For more information, please go to Victoria Government Updates

Michael shares an update about Meals @ the Bridge Lifeline Inc. including 8+ years of learning about purpose and reconnecting with family.

Then we ask you follow us and our future direction, with our Eagles Corner Program

Meals @ the Bridge Lifeline Inc. is dedicated to serving Australia’s homeless, marginalised and socially disadvantaged persons.

We strongly believe in finding a solution to homelessness and giving people a sense of purpose and value.

Our ultimate aim is to transform individual lives

Meals @ the Bridge began on the banks of the Yarra River in Melbourne's CBD. This story was recorded back in May 2017.

We then moved to St Lukes Hall

Where we continued to provide drinks, nibbles, clothing, blankets and sleeping bags. Every Saturday from 5pm 3-course home-cooked, nutritious meals were served and consummed at our comfortable dining area.

The sharing of food is a metaphor for all that Meals @ the Bridge stands for. Preparing & eating a meal in a community setting brings people together in friendship. It helps to restore in people who are marginalised, not just their health & strength, but also a sense of belonging. It shows each & every person around the table that they are all valued.

Our name comes from the classic song “Bridge Over Troubled Water” which speaks of people who are “down & out and on the street ”. Homelessness is not simply having no place to call home. It is more a lack of connection to family & society in general.

We seek to provide that bridge between the lowest point that a human being can reach & a new life of hope, belonging & purpose. “When friends just can’t be found & darkness comes” we are using what we have learnt over the last 8 years, to develop a program which provides housing and a purpose for those on the street.

This will build self-esteem, dignity and a sense of belonging to replace the rejection, abuse and loneliness that they have experienced.

A caring community was established around the basic concept of a shared meal. Our inspiration came from Jesus’ exhortation in Luke to provide a “banquet to the poor, the disadvantaged & the outcast” in a side-walk café setting was where we began. We also provided other basic needs such as clothing, blankets and sleeping bags. as well as being a place of referral to other agencies which provided medical & counselling services.

Meals @ the Bridge now focuses on our longer term residential program – Eagles Corner. Please contact us if you are seeking referal.

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