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Music Course Selection for the 2019-2020 school year!

Our 'Lost and Found' runneth over...

If your student is missing anything, please have them check the middle school's 'Lost and Found,' located in the main office reception area. We have clothing, water bottles, cinch bags, and more!

Parents are welcome to come look through our 'Lost and Found' as well; we are open on school days, from 7:30 am - 3:30 pm.

Clothing items not claimed by March 1st, 2019, will be laundered and donated to the middle school community closet.

Dallas Middle School

2020 Conyngham Ave.

Dallas, PA 18612

(570) 674-7243 - Main Office Phone

Office Hours - 7:30 AM - 3:30 PM

Summer Hours - 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM

(570) 674-7219 - Main Office Fax

If faxing documents for the School Nurse, please include a cover sheet, addressed "Attention: Nurse", for your privacy.

Please click the "Office Announcements" link for the daily bulletin and monthly calendar.

Absence/Lateness Forms and Early Dismissal Forms can be found by clicking on the "Forms" link.


2nd Quarter Honor Roll...coming soon




2nd Quarter Report Cards were distributed today. They will be available on the Parent Portal on Tuesday, February 26, 2019.

2/19/19 - Wyoming Valley Basketball Championships

On Monday, 2/18/19, the Dallas Middle School Boys' 7th and 8th Grade Teams both won the Wyoming Valley Basketball Championships at Wyoming Valley West. Congratulations!

2/3/19 - Thomas Rokita Memorial 7th & 8th Grade Girls' Basketball League Championships

On Sunday, 2/3/19, the Dallas Middle School 7th and 8th grade girls' basketball teams competed in the Thomas Rokita Memorial Girls' 7th and 8th Grade Basketball League Championships. The 7th grade team won the 7th Grade Division 1 Championship Game, beating Lake Lehman 32 - 14. Congratulations!

11/30/18 - 12/1/18 - Marywood Junior Wind Band Celebration

On Friday, 11/30/18, and Saturday, 12/1/18, select 7th, 8th, and 9th grade students from Dallas Middle and High School participated in Marywood's Junior Wind Band Celebration. Students from 52 schools came together on Friday morning to audition, and spent all day Friday rehearsing. They returned for more rehearsal on Saturday morning and afternoon, before performing for a standing room only crowd that evening in Marywood University's Sette LaVerghetta Performing Arts Center.

10/12/18 - Pink Out Day

Recently, the Dallas Middle School held a “Pink Out Day” for breast cancer awareness. Students and staff wore various shades of pink; however, for many of the students, pink is more than just a color. It represents a sign of hope and a battle cancer patients have to fight. Dallas Middle School Student Council decided to raise money to support Candy’s Place. Candy’s Place is a non-profit organization that provides support and services for all cancer patients and their loved ones in a loving and safe environment. Candy's Place was chosen as the charity because several students' parents and a former teacher have survived cancer with the support and care offered there. A total of $1,031.55 was raised and a check was delivered to Candy's Place. The staff of Candy's Place was very grateful.

Updated Safety Procedures

(implemented prior to the 2016-2017 school year)

In the Dallas School District, student safety is our top priority. The Dallas Middle School instituted a number of new safety procedures beginning prior to the 2016-17 school year. Students are now required to utilize mesh or clear backpacks only. Backpacks are stored in lockers upon arrival into the building. Large sports equipment bags are stored in bins and locked away until they are needed at the end of the day.

Drop-off & Pick-up Procedures

Please be reminded of the following procedures related to safely dropping off and picking up students from school:


1. Students may be dropped off for school in the morning from Conyngham Avenue (this is the preferred location, effective 9/2015). Turn in the second half-circle driveway area in front of Wycallis; proceed around the half-circle past Administration, and stop before exiting back out onto Conyngham. Drop off students at the exit, onto the sidewalk; they will follow the sidewalk to the front of the middle school. Parents should exit campus by turning left onto Conyngham.

2. Parents who need to drop off both middle and high school students should enter the campus from Mountaineer Drive in front of Dallas Elementary, proceed toward the high school, and travel along the front of the high school (where high school students are dropped off), and turn alongside the bus pad back toward the middle school. Middle school drop-off will occur where the bus pad meets the middle school sidewalk, at the entrance to the Natatorium (pool).

PM PICK-UP: Students must be picked up on the middle school sidewalk or the bus pad. Parents should enter the campus from Mountaineer Drive in front of Dallas Elementary, proceed toward the high school, and travel along the front of the high school and alongside the bus pad. Please do not arrange to pick students up in the large parking lot, as this results in students walking through busy traffic and is unsafe.

PICK-UP AT EXTRA-CURRICULAR EVENTS: Student pick-up following dances, practices, and other events must be at the curb of the middle school side walk. It is unsafe for students to walk through traffic into the parking lot(s) to be picked up. Students must be picked up at the curb in front of the middle school.

All of the above provisions are in place for the benefit of our students’ safety. While several procedures may result in extended delays, especially during PM and extra-curricular pick-up, please adhere to each in order to help keep our students safe on our campus.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Video Surveillance Implemented

Please be advised that Dallas Middle School now utilizes video surveillance to enhance security measures in and around the building. Video cameras are currently being utilized, video is recorded and stored, and is viewable by the principal and all Dallas School District administrators at all times. Please contact the middle school office at 570-674-7243 with questions. Thank you.

Faculty Available Via Email

All DMS faculty can be contacted via email. Email accounts are the first letter of the first name followed by the last name (no space) @ d s d h s . c o m (e.g. John Smith - jsmith@ d s d h s . c o m). A complete listing of faculty can be found by clicking on the faculty link on the left of the page. To reach us by phone, dial 570-674-7243.