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Classroom: PC-A

#(631) 385-3311 Ext# 290

*Our Classroom Aide is

Specials Schedule:

Monday: STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) - Mrs. Mundy

Tuesday: Art - Mrs. Mayer

Wednesday: Computer - Ms. Schmitt

Thursday: Gym - Ms. Dove (please wear gym uniform and sneakers every Thursday)

Friday: Music - Mrs. Capuder

School Nurse : Mrs. Patane ext 257 email: nurse@stpathunt.org

Using Google Meet, here is the code for live classroom access: Just click on your screen link:

*If absent or remote - join on Google Classroom (use waffle, go to Classroom, use the following class code to join Susan Haran K-2 Class: sigsv3w

Class codehttps://classroom.google.com/c/MzU3MzMyOTcxNjM1?cjc=sigsv3w