*Please make sure your child has their folder, notes, homework, NUT FREE snack & lunch each day. If your child has a Peanut Butter lunch, please let us know with a post or note.

1 student is extremely allergic to WALNUTS (even airborne), so please be diligent to read snack packages, no PEANUTS or NUTS of any kind. Thank you for keeping our class healthy & safe.

*Please email or call if your child will be absent or late for morning attendance.

Here's What we are Learning:

  • School Rules & Manners, being a good student, a good friend, establishing good school habits
  • Calendar & Weather
  • Fire Drills & Safety
  • Bus Safety, (Bus Drivers & Crossing Guards help us stay safe)
  • ELA Story of the Week: Smash Crash! (characters, setting, plot, rhyming), New Sight Words: I, am, the, little, to, a
  • Nursery Rhymes (reciting & recognizing rhyme words)
  • Finger Play & Songs (Where is Thumbkin?, Here is the Church, Good Morning to You...)
  • Alphabet booklet (Initial intro to practice and recognize Upper & Lower case and the letter sound)
  • Learning pre-writing skills with lines (ELA Skills) vertical, horizontal, slant, curve, dots, circles, spirals...
  • Position words (top, bottom, side, above, below etc. and LEFT & RIGHT practice)
  • Introduction to syllables
  • Math (Classify & Sort, same/exactly the same/different, hidden partners, number recognition, counting)
  • Religion Ch.4 God Gives Us the Land
  • Handwriting (Attention to proper sitting, proper grasp, proper formation, Left & Right practice...)
  • Proper cutting technique & fine motor practice: puzzles, Playdoh, finger exercises...)
  • Pumpkins (activities, life cycle of a pumpkin, pumpkin facts...)
  • Story time
  • i-Pads, STEM & Computers - TBA, Starfall, Brain Pop, Scholastic 'Let's Find Out', Storyline online...
  • Movement: Simon Says, Head & Shoulders, If your Happy, Yoga stretches, Go Noodle, Freeze Dance...

On Mondays, Mr. Lombardi will be teaching Religion to all the K students.

On Thursdays, Mr. John Miles will be in our class to read & assist students for his St. John's College Field Work

Don't hesitate to contact me for any reason, if you have questions and concerns. The students are all adjusting very nicely to school routines and establishing good habits.

Keep up the great work K-2!