*Please make sure your child has their folder, notes, homework, NUT FREE snack & lunch each day. If your child has a Peanut Butter lunch, please let us know with a post or note.

1 student is extremely allergic to WALNUTS (even airborne), so please be diligent to read snack packages, no PEANUTS or NUTS of any kind. Thank you for keeping our class healthy & safe.

*Please email or call if your child will be absent or late for morning attendance.

Here's What we are Learning:

  • School Rules & Manners, being a good student, a good friend, establishing good school habits
  • Calendar & Weather
  • ELA Story of the Week: Abuela (characters, setting, plot, rhyming, other story elements...),
  • New Sight Words: I, am, the, little, to, a, have, is, we, like, my, he, for, she, with, me, see, look, they, of, you, are, that, do, one, two, three, four, five, here, go, from
  • Phonics Letter Ee and Uu, review and practice, review all vowels, beginning letter sounds, middle letter sounds & ending sounds (CVC words)
  • Position words (top, bottom, side, above, below etc. and LEFT & RIGHT practice)
  • Nouns, Pronouns, adjectives (describing words - color, shape, number, texture and size...), verbs: action words, subject & predicate
  • Practice syllables
  • Compound Words
  • Math Mod 4 - Number Bonds, adding
  • Religion : Ch 23 We Pray as Jesus Did, Lent
  • Handwriting (Attention to proper sitting, proper grasp, proper formation, Left & Right practice...)
  • Proper cutting technique & fine motor practice: puzzles, Playdoh, finger exercises...)
  • Story time
  • i-Pads, STEM & Computers - TBA, Starfall, Alphatales, Brain Pop, Scholastic 'Let's Find Out', Storyline online...
  • Movement: Simon Says, Head & Shoulders, If your Happy, Yoga stretches, Go Noodle, Freeze Dance...
  • New ELA Module - Stories
  • Journal Writing
  • Science: Earth & Sky
  • The 7 Continents Song & Oceans
  • Keep your Biscuit Book to read and practice, on Fridays you can send in to read it aloud to the class for a No Homework Pass

On Mondays, Mr. Lombardi will be teaching Religion to all the K students.

Don't hesitate to contact me for any reason, if you have questions and concerns. The students are progressing beautifully! Keep up the great work K-2!