Gary Seeman, Ph.D.

Retired Psychologist

Welcome to the website for Gary Seeman, Ph.D., retired psychologist. This site has my current contact information and includes articles that were published on my old site, updated for today. Please use the Menu button or the Search symbol to find content here. I will also be writing new material and posting it on this site. Because I am retired, I am not offering psychotherapy sessions or psychological advice.


To contact me, please email This email address is not HIPAA secure. For privacy you can send mail to my old office address, and it will be forwarded to me.

Gary Seeman, Ph.D., 9901 NE 7th Ave., STE B321, Vancouver, WA 98685-4538.

For my voice phone number, you can email me at, and if you are someone I know, I can provide it to you.

Fax and Hushmail have been discontinued.

Medical Records

For former clients or their representatives seeking medical records, I am required to maintain records for seven years after the last date of service in California and for eight years after the last date of service in Washington. For any clients who briefly saw me via telepsychology in Oregon during the pandemic, I am required to maintain medical records for seven years following the last date of service. Once those required times have passed, I shred any paper records and delete electronic records so that they cannot be retrieved. Until then I maintain medical records securely and have provided for their authorized access if I am no longer able to maintain them myself.