Finding Local

Mental Health Services

This partial list of resources may be helpful for your search. If you think you may need psychotherapy in the near future, please do your research and establish a relationship now so that you have the help if you want or need it.

Psychotherapists in the Vancouver, WA area can have very full practices. Access can also depend upon what insurance you have. There are additional local therapists available in the Portland, OR area.

Finding a therapist

There are abundant resources on the internet for finding a psychotherapist. Here are some of them as of this writing in August, 2022. (If your computer skills are limited, you can call your insurer for referrals with phone numbers.)

  • Psychology Today Therapist Finder: When accessing this directory, you can enter your location, your insurance, and the issues you want addressed. This will bring up profiles of local psychotherapists. Here’s a link:

  • has a similar therapist finder.

  • Your insurer can provide a list of psychotherapists in your network. If access is limited, you can ask them whether you can submit bills for reimbursement or ask a therapist not in their panel to have a single client contract with them at a rate they can accept.

  • Medicare: If you have or qualify for original Medicare or a form of Medicare with an additional company, access to psychotherapists can be limited. Companies like Kaiser Permanente offer Medicare replacement policies that include behavioral health benefits and may provide more access than accessible through other practices. You can learn more about enrollment periods for different kinds of Medicare plans at , specifically at this link: .

  • Medicaid and community mental health. For people with limited income, an internet search of "community mental health (or Medicaid services) Clark County WA" can bring up local resources. A directory of community health services in Clark County can also be found at this link:

  • An internet search will bring up associations and therapists if there is a method that you prefer or an issue you want addressed. For instance, someone who seeks help for bereavement or trauma can search online and get a list.

  • Teletherapy. If you don’t easily find someone local and are open to a secure video call, you can access anyone licensed in our state who offers those services. I searched this term and came up with many listings. “psychotherapist wa state”

  • Some people choose a therapist where they feel they have a good match, regardless of whether that person is in their insurance network and then choose to pay privately for that work.

If you need emergency services

If you find yourself or a loved one in crisis and need help right away, here is contact information:


  • Their phone that is staffed all the time is 800.626.8137 | TTY 866.835.2755

  • Someone requiring an immediate on scene response in an emergency is advised to dial 9-1-1.

  • Also, hospital emergency rooms will address mental health needs. Probably the crisis line is a good place to start.

  • Another resource is the National Suicide Lifeline available 24/7 at 988 or 800.273.8255.