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In the spring of 2022, our 8th grade band participated in a consortium, premiering
Randall D. Standridge's work for band "(not) Alone."

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"(not) Alone"
by Randall D. Standridge
program notes

The (not) Alone consortium has created the perfect opportunity for our students to begin to engage in conversation with their family, friends and trusted adults surrounding the topic of mental health.

Here at Dover City Schools, we take our students’ mental health seriously.

Our school counselors are fabulous resources for our students on a daily basis:

Mr. Steve Bender, M.Ed - Dover HS - (330) 364-7145 / benders@dovertornadoes.com

Mrs. Michelle Grimm, M.Ed - Dover HS - (330) 364-7146 / grimmm@dovertornadoes.com

Mr. Tom Morris, M.Ed - Dover MS & HS - (330) 364-7140 / morrist@dovertornadoes.com

Mrs. Julie Smith, M.Ed,LPSC - Dover MS - (330) 364-7121 / smithj@dovertornadoes.com

Here are some local resources to help families take the next step and continue or begin the conversation surrounding student mental health:

ADAMHS Board of Tuscarawas & Carroll Counties: https://adamhtc.org/

SpringVale Health Centers: https://springvalehealth.org/

New Life Counseling: https://www.newlifedover.com/

Personal and Family Counseling Services (PFCS): https://personal-family-counseling.com/

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MS Band Night

On Friday, Sept. 24, the 7th and 8th grade bands joined the Marching Tornadoes for a combined halftime performance

2021 Spring Band Concert

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