Band Boosters

Danny Kaser, PRESIDENT (term expires Jan. 2020) -- Send Danny an email

Trisha Gray, VICE-PRESIDENT (term expires Jan. 2020) -- Send Trisha an email

Michele Haverfield, SECRETARY (term expires Jan. 2020) -- Send Michele an email

Debbie Flood, TREASURER (term expires Jan. 2020) --Send Debbie an email

Sue Kerr, TRUSTEE (term expires Jan. 2020) --Send Sue an email

Cathi Arnold, TRUSTEE (term expires Jan. 2020) --Send Cathi an email

Dean Barnhart, TRUST (term expires Jan. 2021) --Send Dean an email

Michelle Cameron, Trustee (term expires Jan. 2021) --Send Michelle an email

Uniform Committee (Trisha Gray, chair) -- Send Trisha an email

Have uniform questions--give Trisha a call/text! (330) 309-9224

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