The Lincoln School Native Garden


We are planting a Native Garden! The Lincoln School Native Garden is a habitat to many plants and animals such as birds, butterflies, insects, and pollinators. It is located at Lincoln School (511 Park Avenue, River Forest IL 60305). It is behind the Kindergarten playground on the Park Avenue side. We think it is important to have a Native Garden because other non-native plants become invasive. Since they become invasive they are not a habitat for birds, insects, and animals. We started our Native Garden in April, 2016. We made the Native Garden because kindergarten kids said, "Not a lot of birds are coming to the bird feeder." So they said, "Native plants will help get more birds!"

That is how the Native Garden started. There lots of plants at the Native Garden: Royal Catchfly, Showy Black-eyed Susan, Broad-Leafed Purple Coneflower, Sky Blue Aster, and Obedient Plant. We hope you visit the Lincoln Native Garden!


The mission of the Lincoln School Native Garden and Habitat Creation Project is to provide an improved habitat for our native and migrating birds, butterflies, and pollinators; as well as a unique research and learning space for our students and River Forest community. The garden will encourage curiosity and self-directed learning for our students, as well as provide opportunities for aligning learning to the Next Generation Science Standards. The garden will form an important school/community bond, both local and global, through continued learning, communication, discussion, and sharing of our mission.


The native garden and the outdoor classroom/research area will be an evolving problem-identification and problem-solving space integrating STEM, Art, ELA, and Social Studies (STEAMELASS).

The Lincoln School Native Garden Steering Committee will establish and maintain a school/community connection through the development of service learning projects and school/community events.

The native garden will be and comprised of Illinois native plants only, whereas the proposed research garden will include both native and non-native plant species.

The native garden will support the work of local organizations who support our mission of creating an improved habitat.

The native garden will encourage the biodiversity of the existing area around Lincoln School.

The garden will be pesticide-free.

Kindergarten students and Habitat Helpers will be responsible for designing, executing, and maintaining a native garden habitat for migrating and local birds, wildlife, and pollinators.

Lincoln students in grades 1-4 and/or Habitat Helpers will be responsible for designing, executing, and maintaining the outdoor classroom and dedicated research area.

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Overview by Zach, James, and Jayden; 2017

Mission and Objectives by Mrs. Burns; 2016