Private Lessons

Why Private Lessons?

Private lessons are one-on-one lessons with an instructor who specializes in teaching one instrument to students. While they are supplemental to the band program and not required, students that take private instruction are able to receive the most in-depth and individualized instruction. Students who are involved in regular private lessons frequently become the students that make the greatest improvement and become the strongest musicians in the band program. While Mr. Crylen provides instruction for every student in the band program, to make an analogy to the medical field, he could be considered each student's "Primary Care Physician," whereas a private lesson instructor would be considered a "Medical Specialist."

Where to Take Private Lessons

Many music stores and music companies have private lesson instructors on staff. Here are a few local options to begin your search:

There are many qualified teachers in the area that also work independently, but the resources provided here are meant to provide a jump-start in finding a qualified teacher near you. For further recommendations, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Crylen.