TALL – All together we can make it

Belgium - France - Iceland - Italy - Spain

Our project

Due to the hectic and very rapidly changing society in the EU, we want to give the pupils and the teachers of the partner schools a unique learning opportunity to work better together, to experiment with the many facets of technology, to discover their talents.

We develop as many talents as possible from everyone. All children, underprivileged, non-native speakers, migrant population and also the inclusion pupils are fully covered. We start at a very young age. Preschoolers work together with primary school students. We want to share all existing experience on teaching to above mentioned audiences .

We give students a broader view of European society. The pupils and teachers learn a lot from each other. We improve the quality of education by learning from and with each other. The education system needs to adapt its objectives and methodology towards promoting and encouraging skills needed to guide the pupils in in a more productive, effective and happy way towards the society.

Educational institutions and families are the key factors in achieving well-balanced people who may have success in their vital objectives, learning how to solve conflicts in an effective way and definitely that they are happier and more optimistic people.

This project includes a high innovation experience by creating a virtual learning environment where all participants in the project will share resources and activities.