Recent Grants


  • Professional author visits and workshops for 6th and 8th grade students
  • Bouncy bands for all 4th grade chairs and desks
  • Inspirational quotes contest and addition of winners to various areas of Springhurst


  • Compost Kids - science program for environmental education at Springhurst
  • Document Cameras - 6 cameras for Kindergarten teachers, one for ENL (English as a new language) teacher
  • Junior Great Books - Pilot program for high level readers in grades 3-5
  • Standing Desks - Pilot program to have several standing desks in each 3rd grade classroom
  • Yoga Kids - Cooperative Yoga classes between special needs students and one K and 3rd grade class
  • Science Research - Windows computers for specific science software for Science research program
  • Google Expeditions: Classroom kit of Google Expedition hardware
  • Professional lending library for Math and ELA teachers at Springhurst


  • Document Cameras - 6 cameras for 4th grade teachers
  • Buddy Bench - promotes social interaction during recess
  • Runaway Art - 2nd year of 7th grade curriculum examining slavery in Westchester
  • Equipment for IB Film and Journalism Classes - cameras, tripods and microphones
  • Read and Write Google Software - Text to speech and note-taking application for any digital content on Chrome
  • Robotslab Training - Training for use of NAO Robot for MS and HS teachers


  • Eating the Alphabet - A multi- sensory 1st grade curriculum centered on food exposes students to new and unusual food items while building vocabulary, language and nutritional awareness in a fun, engaging way.
  • Science of the Superhero - Two school-wide Assemblies (K-2 and 3-5) will capitalize on students’ enthusiasm for Superheroes and inspire them to write their own comic strips. Culmination of the Creating Comics curriculum
  • K Playground Supplies - This grant provides new equipment including a giant crane, seesaw, blocks, basketball hoop and balls.
  • Extending the Growing Season - K-5th grades. The Springhurst Outdoor Garden, literally seeded with a grant from the DFSF, has become a living laboratory for hands-on exploration and learning. This grant supplies the materials needed to extend the May-June growing season (e.g. nurturing seedlings in the classroom in preparation for Spring planting), while also funding the continuation of the organic garden.
  • MS Classroom libraries - funds to establish classroom libraries upon expansion of English program
  • Runaway Art - 1st year of 7th grade curriculum examining slavery in Westchester
  • Museum of Tolerance trip- culmination of 7th grade literacy and social studies collaboration
  • Biology trip to Dolan DNA Learning Center
  • Physics day at Six Flags

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