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We would like to acknowledge that many Indigenous Nations from across Turtle Island and across the world have longstanding relationships, both historic and modern, with the territories and lands upon which our advocacy and community leadership occur. We would like to acknowledge the traditional, ancestral, unceded territories of these Nations, as the struggle for Indigenous rights is deeply connected to all Human Rights work. When we recognize the systemic and social connections within our work, it is also essential that we refuse to historicize these struggles, because doing so ignores the impact of colonial oppression which persists today.  In our advocacy efforts, we are committed to disrupting and dismantling the systems of oppression that have dispossessed Indigenous people of their lands and denied their rights to self-determination. This work is essential to human rights work across the world.

ACTIONS for Autistic Acceptance—2023


Our 'Actions for Autistic Acceptance' resource is now available to all! 

Launched on April 2nd, 2023 (UN designated World Autism Awareness Day), NINE encourages all educators, families and community members to access the resource, and use it to Take Action for Autistic ACCEPTANCE all year round!  

It's official!  October has been proclaimed  Neurodiversity Education and Neurodivergent Acceptance Month in all 8 Municipalities in the Durham Region!

 What an excellent first step towards bringing Acceptance, greater understanding, accessibility and equitable opportunities for Neurodivergent humans  in the Durham Region and beyond!

Neurodiversity Education and Neurodivergent Acceptance Month (OCTOBER 2022) 

Neurodiversity Flag Raisings  occurred  throughout  October 2022 to mark the official proclamation of Neurodiversity Education and Neurodivergent Acceptance Month in Oshawa, Ajax, Whitby and Uxbridge.  By the end of October, all 8 municipalities had made this proclamation!  

Neurodiversity Education and Neurodivergent Acceptance Month 2022 (FINAL-All 8)

June 18 is Autistic Pride Day!

While every day should be a Pride Day,  June 18 has become internationally recognized by members of the #ActuallyAutistic community and their allies as Autistic Pride Day.  

For more  information on great learning, collaboration  and professional development related to Autistic Ways of Being and  Neuro-Affirmative practice,  check out our Youtube Channel and Intersectional Infinity Website. More offerings to come soon!

Support #AutisticPride 2021--NINE

Missed the Intersectional Infinity Summit 2022?

March 27-April 2

 please check out the Summit website and our new YouTube channel to catch many of the recorded sessions!


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