What is a symposium?

The following are dictionary definitions of the word 'symposium':

  • a conference or meeting for the discussion of some subject, especially an academic topic or social problem
  • a collection of scholarly contributions, usually published together, on a given subject
  • (in classical Greece) a drinking party with intellectual conversation, music, etc

Ref: https://www.dictionary.com/browse/symposium?s=t

We like to think that our enactment of the PHELC symposium fulfills most of the criteria above, either during the symposium itself or afterwards ...

Symposium Objectives

Based on the accepted papers which critique authors’ current pedagogical practice in large class contexts, the objectives of this Special Interest Group are to …

… discuss and explore examples of innovative pedagogical and assessment practices which are effective in the large class context

… identify key principles for each of teaching, learning and assessment

… identify and critique technologies which can support teaching and learning

… publish the key findings emerging from the workshop

PHELC Symposium, Valencia, June 2020 - Programme

Times listed are Central European Time (CET) i.e. time in Valencia. Please see www.timeanddate.com to convert to your local time.

11.45-12.00 (CET) Log on / Registration

12.00-12.15 (CET) Welcome: Introduction to workshop content and participants Ann Marie Farrell & Anna Logan, Dublin City University

12.15-12.45 (CET) Keynote 1: Prof. David Carless, University of Hong Kong Assessment and Feedback for Large Classes

12.45-13.30 (CET) Paper Presentations (10 minutes per paper - Q&A for all presenters (last 15 minutes)

Dr. Claire Griffin, Mary Immaculate College, Limerick, Ireland.

Student Engagement and Assessment: Promoting Student Learning across All Levels of Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy

Danny Carroll, University of New South Wales, Australia.

Assessment for learning at scale at UNSW Sydney.

Dr. Justin Rami & Dr. Francesca Lorenzi, Dublin City University, Ireland.

Pedagogical dialogue and feedforward with large classes in a teacher education programme in Ireland

13.30-14.00 (CET) Coffee Break & Wheel of Fortune (prizes)

14.00-14.30 (CET) Keynote 2: Prof. David J Hornsby, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. Moving Large Classes Online: Implications for Assessment, Teaching and Learning

14.30-15.30 (CET) World Cafe roundtable discussion (rotating breakout rooms): Pivoting Large Class Pedagogy Online (Assessment, Teaching, Learning)

15.30-15.45 (CET) Plenary discussion: Discussion, conclusions and suggestions for future PHELC events

15.45 …. (Central European Time) Social Event More spot prizes. Chat. Some sparkling drinks to celebrate the second PHELC symposium.

PHELC Symposium, Valencia, June 2019 - Programme

13.30-14.00 Registration

14.00-14.15 Welcome: Introduction to workshop content and participants Ann Marie Farrell Dublin City University

14.15-14.45 Long presentation: Team-based learning in a large class David O Hanlon, Stephanie Duffy, Luke Fannon, Nuala Harding, Seadna Ryan, Athlone Institute of Technology, Ireland

14.45-15.00 Research in pedagogy for large classes in HE: Knowledge gaps and opportunities Anna Logan, Dublin City University

15.00-15.20 Short Presentation: Enhancing the student experience: Facebook as a support tool for students in an enabling education Bianca Price, University of South Australia

15.20-15.40 Lightning Talks based on Posters

Enabling active learning through the use of Plicker - Charalampos Chanialidis, University of Glasgow

Simulations for Assessment in Large Classes - Iain McMenamin, Dublin City University

A low mobile data usage gamification scavenger hunt prototype for engineering students at an African university of technology Nicolaas Johannes Luwes, Leanri Van Heerden, Central University of Technology, Free State, South Africa

Motivating students through gamification in nursing education: A qualitative research Juul Lemey, Evelien Hast, Artvelde University College, Ghent

Pedagogical assessment and possibilities of developing World Café Method and Inter-generational Learning into Higher Education Learning - Trudy Corrigan, Dublin City University

Building UDL into summative assessment in a large class: Challenges and Possibilities Ann Marie Farrell, Dublin City University

15.40-16.15 Coffee & Questions and Poster Presentations

16.15-16.30 Short Presentation: Promoting Student Engagement with a Large Class (400+): Implications for large sized lectures, small group workshops and online teaching and learning Fiona Giblin, Dublin City University

16.30-17.20 World Cafe roundtable discussion: Teaching, Learning and Assessment in Large Classes

17.20-18.00 Plenary discussion: Conclusions and action planning for practice and research building on the first PHELC symposium