The Compass

Sound Bytes for Parents of Heritage Explorers

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05.14.2021: How did we possibly make it to the finish line on this wacky, crazy, unpredictable school year?!?!?

Click "School's Out" to listen in on this quick end-of-year message from Ms. Winkelmann, and take the opportunity to weigh in on the fate of The Compass for 21-22. Was this a helpful tool? Did it allow you feel more connected with Heritage in a year where parents couldn't be in the building?

To Compass, or not to Compass? That is the question!

04.22.2021: "We just felt somewhat joyless and aimless... It feels as though you're muddling through your days, looking through a foggy windshield... It turns out there's a name for that." Can you or your child relate? Is it like you're plodding along in the mundane, and since you're not terrible, you must be "okay" even when you are acutely aware that you're not yourself? On this episode of The Compass, Ms. Winkelmann reads and discusses the recent article in the New York Times by Adam Grant that taps into Languishing - including what it is, and some ideas on how to move through it! Click the definition to listen.

04.08.2021: Need a little lightness and levity? Us too! This week's episode of the compass takes us back to the 1980s. Click the "Trivia" picture to hear some HE 5th graders answer a few questions about the staples when today's adults were elementary-aged. Ibrahima and Tatum kick us off. You can hear Addison and Juju at 29:57, and Joe brings us home at 39:35! Enjoy this little deviation from our usual show! And we hope this throwback brings fond memories.

03.04.2021: Don't miss this special episode of The Compass! Heritage Elementary has the good fortune of partnering with the Backpack Society, a local non-profit organization that supports students struggling with food insecurity. How can your student participate? What if there is a need for your whole family? Click the logo to listen in, and learn how you and yours can benefit from BPS's confidential services.

02.25.2021: In this week's episode of The Compass, meet Mrs. Lytle and Mrs. McLaren, two of Heritage's mighty Educational Assistants! Our school would have a really hard time meeting the needs of all of our students without EAs. Click the image to the right to listen in, and learn about the impact these essential team members have for our students every day!

02.11.2021: In this week's episode of The Compass, meet the managers of Heritage's BASE program! Get to know Ms. Lynnette and Ms. Andrea a little bit, and learn what BASE has to offer you and your student. Click the logo to listen in!

01.28.2021: This week's episode of The Compass provides more information for Heritage's parents and caregivers about the mindfulness practices being taught to our students. You can also find a summary of those strategies here.

Click the image to tune in for a listen on why mindfulness practices are important and how they can help your student navigate feelings of stress, frustration, over-excitement, and/or difficulty with focus and attention.

01.14.2021: This week, special guests Anna Lamb (Heritage Parent) and Kristie Peters (5th Grade Teacher) share their review of "Unselfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in an All-About-Me World." Anna and Kristie - THANK YOU for sharing your experience with the rest of us!

If you don't have time to read the book, this is an episode of The Compass that you do not want to miss! Click the "9 Essential Habits that Give Kids the Empathy Advantage" to listen in.

12.17.2020: You asked, and so we have started the conversation! In this episode of The Compass, Ms. Arnold and Ms. Winkelmann discuss childhood mental health and struggles with anxiety.

Is your student anxious about the pandemic? Does your student wrestle anxiety, even apart from COVID? There is something for you here! Listen in, and get some first steps for supporting students with symptoms of anxiety.

12.03.2020: You or your student have the Remote Learning blues? In this episode of The Compass, Ms. Winkelmann reviews a recent article posted on Common Sense Education with tips and tricks for parents trying to support their students in a virtual learning environment. For many of us, there are challenges with focus and motivation in this format; click the image to listen in and reboot your mind around ways you can support your child during this period.

11.12.2020: This episode of The Compass offers our community a window into the Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) program offered as a Special at Heritage. Mrs. Mitchell sits down with Ms. Winkelmann, and highlights the strides being made to support students in taking care of their hearts, their minds, and their relationships.

Click on the "heart puzzle" to begin putting the pieces together around Heritage Explorers' SEL curriculum!

10.29.2020: This Compass episode offers the Heritage community an opportunity to learn about the heART that goes into our Art programming. Mrs. Conrad and Mrs. Meyers sit down with Ms. Winkelmann to discuss their passions and their plans for this essential subject for our Explorers.

Click on Mrs. Meyers and Mrs. Conrad to listen; don't miss this episode of The Compass!

10.01.2020: October is Anti-Bullying month in the world of Education. Our School Psychologist and Counselor sit down to discuss the issue of bullying. We take a look at the climate at Heritage and discuss some of the efforts we are making as a school to educate our students in appropriate social skills, such as empathy, inclusion, and being an upstander.

Creating a culture where there is no place for hate is a community effort. Listen in and consider the part you can play!

09.17.2020: Heritage Elementary PTO! Extra! Extra! Hear all about it!

There are changes since last year, particularly with the pandemic. And in these unprecedented times, the collaboration between Heritage and the community is more important than ever. PTO is a prime place for that partnership to happen. If you have a student at Heritage, this is a "do not miss" episode of The Compass!

09.03.2020: The Thursday Blast. What's the point? I mean, really... it's long, and nobody has time for extra email.

In this episode of The Compass, we hear from Mrs. Brandee Tudor, who breaks down what's what when it comes to the Blast and she offers some insight around whether it's worth the read. Click the image to listen in!

08.20.2020: In this episode, we hear from Mrs. Wolach and Mrs. Montoya, who discuss the changes and quirks associated with the beginning of the 20-21 school year.

How can the community best support our school during this unique time? Click the image to listen in!