The Compass

Sound Bytes for Parents of Heritage Explorers

"The Compass" is available! Check out episodes below; the most recent is pinned at the top when released. You can expect a new Compass episode every two weeks.

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09.17.2020: Heritage Elementary PTO! Extra! Extra! Hear all about it!

There are changes since last year, particularly with the pandemic. And in these unprecedented times, the collaboration between Heritage and the community is more important than ever. PTO is a prime place for that partnership to happen. If you have a student at Heritage, this is a "do not miss" episode of The Compass!

09.03.2020: The Thursday Blast. What's the point? I mean, really... it's long, and nobody has time for extra email.

In this episode of The Compass, we hear from Mrs. Brandee Tudor, who breaks down what's what when it comes to the Blast and she offers some insight around whether it's worth the read. Click the image to listen in!

08.20.2020: In this episode, we hear from Mrs. Wolach and Mrs. Montoya, who discuss the changes and quirks associated with the beginning of the 20-21 school year.

How can the community best support our school during this unique time? Click the image to listen in!