Welcome to Cimarron Middle School's Athletics and Activities Program!

We would like to invite every student at Cimarron to take part in the variety of great programs offered to all students throughout the school year.

At CIMS, we pride ourselves in supporting the middle school philosophy, allowing all students to feel a sense of belonging and success. Our philosophy is ALL students will be given opportunities to build positive relationships with their peers, improve skills and knowledge, participate, build their self-esteem, and most importantly HAVE FUN WHILE PARTICIPATING!

We are very excited and look forward to working with all of you throughout the school year. Once again, we want to welcome everyone to Cimarron. If you have any questions about athletics, clubs, or activities being offered at Cimarron, please let us know.

10/16/18 Transportation Update: Due to the district's continued shortage of drivers, bus services will not be available for away games. We are asking parents to help carpool athletes to each away game. Thank you in advance for you assistance.

Registration for each sport will open approximately 3-4 weeks before the season starts. See schedule below.


  • Scholastic eligibility, as set forth by the Douglas County Middle School Athletic Guidelines, requires that any student who participates in athletics must be eligible prior to participation.

  • In addition to the rules of scholastic eligibility, each athlete is expected to conduct himself/ herself according to all rules and regulations of the school throughout the school year. No student will be allowed to compete on the day of truancy or while suspended from school. If an event is scheduled for a non-school day, the athlete must be in accordance with these rules on the preceding day.

  • All athletes must abide by the Athletic Code of Conduct, and the District Code of Conduct. All rules and regulations are considered to be in effect throughout the school year. Most important are the rules on behavior and citizenship, which all students are expected to follow. Any athlete, who in the judgment of the coach or principal are found to be conducting himself/herself in a manner which is not representative of the best interest of Douglas County will be suspended or dropped from the current program.

  • Eligibility

    • First Time Ineligible-One failing work habits grade (one “U” on grade report) results in the ineligibility of the student for the next week, or one competition, whichever is less. (Monday through Saturday). Students may practice. Coaches and/or parents may adopt a stricter policy but may not be more lenient. The principal or assistant principal shall have the authority to make individual student recommendations for Special Education or At-Risk students.

    • Consequences for continued “U’s” are handled at the discretion of the school.

    • Weekly eligibility reports will be generated at the end of the first week of practice.

    • The principal or assistant principal shall have the authority to declare a student ineligible for participating in athletic activities based on inappropriate behavior.

    • These are the minimum eligibility requirements. Individual schools may have stricter requirements.

Sports Physical Form Sports Physical Forms are valid for 365 days from the date of the physical. Physicals can be turned in to the main office or emailed to

Team Photographer

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