Our Team

Ms. Salisbury- Director

"I was drawn to DC Prep through the PrepNext program. Having the opportunity to work with alumni within the PrepNext model is such a privilege. I get to have meaningful relationships with families and with amazing, brilliant high school students – supporting them in being their best high school selves and in accessing college and post-secondary programs. What could be better?!”


Mrs. Smith- Associate Director, Post-secondary Success

"I was drawn to DC Prep’s mission and values! I strive to embody these values daily, particularly when I am interacting with students and families. In addition, I love how all my colleagues are so caring, and enthusiastic about their work with the students and families. Working at DC Prep truly feels like a community—one that I am proud to be a part of as I support our college-aged alumni. I especially enjoy working with PrepNext because of our unique, unconditional commitment to serve students and their families from 9th grade until college graduation. Ultimately, the students' success, is our success."


Ms. Bradley- Associate Director, High School Support

"I originally thought I would be a teacher, but I found value in helping students outside of the classroom. I wanted to be their cheerleader and their advocate so I quickly realized school counseling was for me. I was sold on DC Prep when I read the values. Generosity, humor, good minds, and good hearts are all directly correlated to students’ experiences and success. DC prep figured it out early, and I was all about it."


Maria Lawson- Senior Associate, High School Support

“I was a part of the first DC Prep 8th grade graduating class. After college, when an opportunity presented itself to join the PrepNext team and give back to a community that has given its full support to me in my time as a Preppie, I couldn’t resist. The DC Prep team genuinely cares about students and their education.”


Mr. Vinson- Senior Associate, High School Support

"I always wanted to work in education. I used to line up my action figures and “teach” them lessons as if I were a teacher. My mother is a social worker so I grew up around people who worked in the humanitarian field. It just felt like it was my natural calling. . I have a vision of the type of educator I want to be, and DC Prep is going to help me get there. DC Prep is unique because there is a strong culture that focuses on excellence, good minds and good hearts, and optimism."


Ms. Lambert- Associate, High School Support

"My path to education came from my passion to serve others. I was introduced to education as an AmeriCorps volunteer in New Orleans. I fell in love with the work and, more importantly my students and I know I could make an impact if I approached this new experience with an open mind. What drew me to PrepNext is the commitment to support the student’s whole being. Being on a team that supports students socio-emotionally as well as academically has been rewarding and makes the work more meaningful."


Mr. Tabdul-Karim- Associate, Post-Secondary

"I believe in the idea of serving the spaces that served you. As an alum of the school, DC Prep has played an enormous role in my progress as a student, a person, and a professional. The way that DC Prep nurtures and teaches their students is second to none, but what really makes them stand out in my eyes is that the care and compassion of the teachers and staff does not end after you receive your 8th grade diploma".