The Duchess's Community High School

Welcome to The Duchess's Community High School's LBGT+ pride website. Here you are able to see all the information regarding events the school have planned, support options, documents and letters and other resources. If you have any questions about anything on this website, please see staffing page.



Latest news and updates about pride events and awareness raising at the Duchess’s Community High School in Alnwick. You will also be able to see ‘whats live’ by clicking the announcement banner at the top of the screen as you enter the site.


Here, you will be able to see the staffing support options you have when in school. It outlines the pastoral team, school nurse and peer mentors as well as the members of staff working towards the Rainbow Flag Award.


On the support page, you can see the support options you have in school. This includes links to the staffing page as well as Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy along slide the equalities policy.


Only staff and students of The Duchess’s Community High School have access to the Google Drive folders on this page.


All letters and emails to both students and parents will be available to all on this page as well as a copy of the documents through the whole site.


On this page will be links to all current events we are planning at DCHS.


These are the specific terms for the LGBT+ Community, alongside their flags and definitions.