Subjects Offered

Subjects Offered at Diocesan Boys’ School

The recommended syllabuses of the Curriculum Development Institute set the backbone of the DBS curriculum which provides a holistic and liberal education to the students, thereby enabling them to stand up to challenges and make use of different opportunities in this ever-changing world. Specifically, the school will place particular emphasis on language skills, information technology, physical education and music, which are the building blocks of an all-round student to ensure his future success. The curriculum is so designed and structured that students may get a balanced and systematic education which fosters an environment that implants in the students a yearning for knowledge, a good aesthetic sense, an unfaltering desire to transcend even the best, and a lifelong self-initiated pursuit of all these quintessential attributes. All students will have hands-on participation in services of their choice to fulfil their service requirements. Through their participation in services, students will be able to raise their social awareness, develop and internalize their positive values and moral standards.

Junior Secondary Years (Grade 7 to Grade 9)

Senior Secondary Years (Grade 10 to Grade 12) - HKDSE