Data 360 is supporting #ActivateforLA and the LA2050 Activation challenge!

Data 360 started advocating for diversity and inclusion in the tech industry in 2016 in partnership with Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti's office as Freshstart Bootcamp and continued in 2017 with the LA TechTalent Pipeline initiative

For the 2018 expansion of our initiatives with the City of Los Angeles, we are accepting applications for volunteer teachers to expand our program to community colleges throughout the Los Angeles metropolitan area. See more about how we are answering the #LA2050 #ActivateforLA challenge by clicking here.

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To see the history of our work in building a better LA, go to Data U and expansion of our programs with Data 360 Labs to encourage diversity and inclusion in the LA technology and startup communities and helping new entrepreneurs grow their businesses online and with new types of apps.

About the My LA2050 Activation Challenge

This is an open call for ideas to activate 100,000 Angelenos to make Los Angeles the best place to learn, create, play, connect, and live. A total of $1M will be awarded among five organizations—one per goal category—to implement their ideas to engage Angelenos. Each organization will receive a total of $200,000 over two years to support their efforts.

The activations should aim to engage Angelenos to make a specific, tangible impact on one of the LA2050 goals and metrics by 2020. The activations can use a variety of engagement strategies to create progress, including but not limited to policy advocacy, community organizing, volunteering, buycotts/boycotts, digital activism, or use of civic tech.

LA2050 will commit to a two-year partnership leveraging its resources, assets, and networks to help the activations succeed. Together, the winning organizations, LA2050, and Angelenos will produce five major wins for the region that will change the course of our future.

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