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2024-2025 Referral Window will open July 31, 2023.

Click on the button to the right if you would like to be considered for off-grade level GT testing. Your latest test scores will be reviewed for eligibility to be retested. You must be a current DCSD 3rd-11th grader with test scores in the 70th percentile or higher.

If you are eligible to be retested your school will contact you before testing begins in October. If you are not eligible, an email will be sent to the email you entered on your form from the Office of Arts & Innovative Programs in September.

Gifted & Talented Academic Information

Under regulation 43-220, the State Board of Education outlines specific procedures for identifying gifted and talented students. “Gifted and Talented students are those who are identified in grades three through twelve as demonstrating high performance ability or potential in academic and/or artistic areas and therefore require an educational program beyond that normally provided by the general school program in order to achieve their potential.” (24 S.C. Code Ann. Regs. 43-220.1(A)(1)

All Darlington County students in grade 2 will be screened for gifted and talented services.  Students in grades 3-11 may also be referred for GT screening by administrators, parents, and teachers.  

What is the Gifted and Talented Academic Program like in Darlington County?

The Gifted and Talented Program is an ELA & Math-based curriculum. The course work is designed to challenge the gifted child and encourage him or her to think and problem solve. 

How can my child qualify for the Gifted and Talented Academic Program?

The first way your child can qualify for the gifted and talented program is by scoring a TOTAL score of 96% or above on a reasoning abilities test in Dimension A.  This qualifies your child automatically.  The second way your child may qualify for gifted and talented is by meeting the appropriate scoring in 2 of the 3 different dimensions.  The dimensions are described as follows:

Dimension A: Reasoning Abilities

If your child does not automatically qualify, he/she must then meet the criteria in 2 different dimensions.  Two qualifying scores in the same dimension do not count.  In order to use Dimension A as one of the two qualifying dimensions, your child must score a 93% or higher in the National Age Percentile on any of the subtests or in the TOTAL category on the Cognitive AptitudeTest (CogAT). The qualifying subtests are:

If your child scores 93% or higher in any one of the categories mentioned above, then he/she has met the criteria for Dimension A.  Further screening is required to see if he or she has met the criteria in Dimension B or C. 

In Darlington School District, the Cognitive Aptitude Test (CogAT) is used to measure reasoning abilities.  The CogAT will be administered to all students in the 2nd grade and students in grades 3-11 who submit a referral. Any child can be tested in another grade level as long as a written request for testing is submitted by the deadline. 

Dimension B: Academic Achievement

In order to use Dimension B as one of the two qualifying dimensions, your child must:

In Darlington County School District, the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) is used to measure academic achievement. The ITBS will be administered to all students in the 2nd grade and students in grades 3-11 who submit a referral. Current MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) is also used.

Dimension C:  Academic Performance

This dimension is based on your child’s ability to perform. This dimension is measured by the Statewide Performance Task Test Assessment.  This dimension relies on the specific grade your child will be entering in the upcoming school year. 

In order to use Dimension C as one of the two qualifying dimensions, your child must:

The Performance Task Assessment is used to determine Dimension C criteria up until the child is in the 5th grade.  The overall yearly grade point average or GPA is used for students at the end of 5th grade and higher.  An academic GPA of 3.75 or higher automatically qualifies a student in Dimension C only.

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